Yoyo gets fucked up and down, in and out!   

Added on 5th April 2019

Yoyo's legs are longer than the average super model. They are slender and soft and lead straight up to her ladyboy cocks which resides between them, much to the pleasure of her lover! She sucks both his nuts up in her mouth and teases his shaft with her tongue and when he's ready, she gets fucked and then returns the favour!

Rita is a very pretty and exotic Tranny with long legs   

Added on 27th March 2019

 Rita is a very pretty and exotic Thai tranny with long legs, dark hair, super pretty face and the furriest cock, ball bag, inner thighs and ass crack that we have yet to seen. Her new foreign friend says sawadee to her weenie as he works the tip and the shaft of her dark fur-lined fuck stick. They cock dock and kiss tips and and as he smacks down her hairy garden of eden, her cock begins to flop as the hair stretching across her thighs stands on end. Her ass begins to sweat as it gets pumped and pounded and her penis sprays ample amounts of fluid across her chest after an intense high speed stroke session. She gets a face-full of imported cum before showering and leaving. 


Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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