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Ping is a tiny and very thin thing   

Added on 24th April 2019

 Ping is a tiny and very thin thing, with bleached hair, pretty smile, puffy dark nipples and a hairless shemale shaft that is foreskin coated and filled to the brim with pre-cum. She takes Allen to the bathroom and starts to soap his body, stroke his shaft, rub his ass and kiss dick tips with her rock solid, soapy ramrod. The suds help Allen access her skinny anus for a bit, before he drops to his knees to pay homage to her chubby Thai hotdog. She hops on top of his ride and lets her swollen anteater spin, as Allen shreds her skinny anus. They do some 69 and Allen deep plunges her shit box, forcing her to blow a big cum glob all over herself. It pools in her tip and Allen licks the remainder up before leaving her with a giant mouthful of his own. She showers and then changes

Her cock is small but solid and hairless too   

Added on 18th April 2019

Katie comes to give a massage to a foreign traveller with some lower back pain. She starts her massage, playing close attention to his buttocks and his throbbing knob. She starts to take off her clothes and reaches for the KY jelly, as she puts her big tits and soft lips to work massaging his stiffie. Her own chubby peaks from behind her panties and quickly docks it with his, kissing tips and swapping pre-cum. Her cock is small but solid and hairless too, and her ass is small and tight and not easily tapped. More KY is used and he breaks through her seal, stabbing, stroking and sliding through her girl canal. Her cock never sleeps and finally after a 8000 rpm high speed stroking, manages to unleash a high flying shemale saline solution, before he coats her entire face with globs of jism.


Friday, April 26, 2019

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